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Currently passing through stage three and moving into stage four.

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iOS Comparison Chart [via]


iOS Comparison Chart [via]

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Amazing art od the day!

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The IT Crowd returning for a one-off finale later this month


Fear not! The IT Crowd has turned it off and will be turning it back on again for one final episode later this month. Original stars Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry have all returned for the final episode.

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Woot! Aka about time…..

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I never get tired of this photo.

Ella Fitzgerald was not allowed to play at Mocambo because of her race. Then, one of Ella’s biggest fans made a telephone call that quite possibly changed the path of her career for good. Here, Ella tells the story of how Marilyn Monroe changed her life:

“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt… she personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she would take a front table every night. She told him – and it was true, due to Marilyn’s superstar status – that the press would go wild. The owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman – a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it.”

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These maps will change how you see the world. 

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Can I post this on pintrest? This is one of my wedding flower choices

Can I post this on pintrest? This is one of my wedding flower choices

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This is a beautiful dress :)

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The internal monologue that goes on whenever I cave to junk food. T_T

Pretty much exactly me, only with sugar. Lots and lots of sugar (or chocolate)

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